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The Annual Street Workout World Championship 2016

On 23rd July, the territory of one of the largest KENGURU.PRO street workout grounds hosted the annual Street Workout World Championship 2016, organized by MOSCOMSPORT jointly with the World Street Workout and Calisthenics Federation.

World Championship participants were 48 men and 12 women from 48 countries, who won national competitions. On the KENGURU.PRO mobile street workout equipment, installed on a stage, the strongest athletes competed for the Champion’s title. The athletes demonstrated their skills in the Freestyle discipline, which includes static and dynamic elements, as well as complex element combinations on the horizontal bar and parallel bars.

Spectator support was strong: more than 200 people, shouting and applauding, each genuinely rooting for and encouraging their own country’s participants. But during breaks, some of the audience showed their skills on the horizontal bar and parallel bars, receiving modest gifts from the organizers.

After the conclusion of the Street Workout World Championship 2016 results, the winner among men became Hassannejad Payam from Iran and among women – Melanie Driessen from Netherlands.