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Street Workout World Cup 2018 in Pskov

Street Workout World Cup 2018 in Pskov, Russia

On July 21, the Street Workout World Cup 2018 was held within the framework of the “Team 2018” project in the city of Pskov with the support of the administration of the Pskov region. The Street Workout World Cup has more than 20 stages in different parts of the world and the Super Final with the winners of all stages competing for the title. This is already the 4th Stage of the World Cup which takes place in Russia. The results of this World Cup Stage will decide the winner who will go to the Super Final in Egypt in December 2018.

Competitions in Pskov are timed with the opening of new KENGURU PRO grounds. The sports complex is equipped with everything necessary for such a large-scale event. The athletes demonstrated a very high level of physical fitness, thus providing the city residents with motivation, who can now freely do sports on the new KENGURU PRO grounds.

The workout equipment of these workout grounds allow for up to 60 people to train at the same time. A wide variety of workout equipment enables people of any age, any physical fitness to take up sports. The grounds are equipped with equipment in teo lines, as well as equipment for people with disabilities. The grounds have also something for football fans: a urban football area. Every resident of the city of Pskov will find a training spot to his liking at the new KENGURU PRO grounds.

We are grateful to the organizers of the sports event, the Russian Street Workout Federation, and for the support of the Governor of the Pskov region Mikhail Vedernikov, and the State Physical Culture and Sports Committee of the Pskov region!

The workout grounds are located at: Embankment of the Velikaya River, 9 Voyevoda Shuiskogo Street.