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Panna Football Tournament in Moscow

Panna football - street football tournament in Moscow

Panna football is a type of street football with players competing one-on-one. In Russia, this sport has been practiced since 2007. The game takes place in the “cage”—a professional metal fenced football area. The length of the game spans 3 minutes. At the end of the game time, the winner is determined by the largest number of goals.
The first KENGURU PRO panna football tournament, MOSCOW PANNA BATTLE, was hosted in the Krasnaya Presnya Park. The event took place with 32 participants and under the Olympic system of elimination rounds.
Urban Football game areas allow you to play football in the center of the urban environment: in parks, in yards, at a shopping center. The diameter of the sports complex is 6 meters, which leaves enough space for you to hone your football skills and play in teams.
No doubt, such panna football areas need to be put in every yard. For more people to learn about this sport and start to play. To attract more and more players. For people of different ages and genders to spend time together in a practical and fun way. Most importantly, company KENGURU PRO guarantees the safety and promotes urban football to the people!