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Our KenguruPro calisthenics park

Kenguru Pro calisthenics parks

Street workout is growing very fast. Millions athletes around the world do street workout and they are waiting to show something, what they can do. World Street Workout and Calisthenics Federation organize world championships and competition on high-world level. They use our calisthenics park equipment on a scene, where participants from around the world show impossible things. Our constructions are very durable, stable, good-looking, mixed, universal and comfrotable. People do explosive, dynamics tricks, also for their tricks they use assistants and on one bar can be 3-5 people and bar will be straight as horizont. By the way, our equipment can withstand up to 500KG. Tested by experience. It means, that you can show anything what you want in competition.

As creative and not-ordinary you are on a scene as you can get more aplause from public and more points from judges. Athlets use a lot of tricks and when you show it on different equipments it looks very exciting. We provide varied constructions, where athlets can show what they want. Jumps from one construction to other, combitation on one construction and going to differen construction. When you show your performance, you should use minumum of 3 places, it can be pull-up bars, dip-bars and ground. But there are a lot calisthenics park equipment and you can combaine your tricks on different constructions.

Constructions are: pull-ups bars (different heights), dip-bars, monkey bars, human flag wall, floor, dragflag bench and etc.

Street workout athlets very respect Our Kenguru.Pro calisthenics park, because you can show anything what you want at any construction. At any construction you can do different combinations and tricks. Multi-functionality and originality it is our passion and we are going to develop it with new bars, design, functionality. More bars, more creativity, more energy in this park affect to every people who work on our construction, they can do more than they think. Kenguru.Pro will make you strong as you can’t imagine. Kenguru.Pro rule the world.