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One of the biggest Kenguru Pro parks in Europe was built in Onda, Spain

One of the biggest Kenguru Pro street workout park built in Onda, Spain

Spain city Onda is now also known as the owner of the huge Kenguru Pro park – one of the biggest street workout parks in Europe. Kenguru Pro outdoor workout equipment was combined with Kenguru Pro Para workout equipment for people in wheelchairs and people with special needs. This combination creates a perfect place for all citizens to have their free workouts at any time. Park is so big that it can fit many groups and individuals working out at the same time on the new Kenguru Pro bodyweight workout equipment. Park was opened with local street workout competitions and this year will also host one of the stages of Spanish National Championship. Kenguru Pro is official Street Workout World Championship equipment and is used for all main international street workout and calisthenics competitions organised by World Street Workout and Calisthenics Federation.