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New workout grounds at Rosa Khutor

Outdoor workout ground in Rosa Khutor, Russia

Alpine Resort KENGURU PRO workout grounds conquer the mountains. The third sports complex was built in the alpine resort of Rosa Khutor, located on the banks of the river Mzymta. Rosa Khutor is the largest ski resort in Russia. Throughout the year, Rosa Khutor welcomes tourists from all over Russia and abroad. The new workout grounds are located on the Rosa Beach of the nearby mountain lake. The workout equipment on the sports complex allows for simultaneous training by up to 15 people. The grounds consist of several parts:

K-001: French triple push-up bar;

K-003: Classic two-level monkey bars and six pull-up bars;

K-004: Monkey bar – snake, Swedish wall and five pull-up bars;

K-011: Workout desk;

K-013: KENGURU Standard;

K-015: Two Benchs;

K-018: Double parallel bars

Address: Russia, Rosa Khutor, Olimpiyskaya 35.