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New project: KENGURU PRO Wall

Kenguru Pro Wall - free street workout equipment in urban areas

It is the vision of company KENGURU PRO for every modern and progressive city to have that! Where sport is available at every opportunity: in universities and schools, along walls, on the way home, in art galleries and parks, under bridges, near shopping centers.

The KENGURU PRO Wall project realizes the idea of a modern and athletic city, where people, without wasting their precious time, can easily reach the nearest workout grounds and train. The stylish workout equipment fits perfectly into the urban environment, gyms, and does not take up much space. Super compact workout grounds with maximum impact on training.

The workout grounds KENGURU PRO Wall include several horizontal bars, Swedish walls, parallel bars and a rope for functional training. Also, depending on the available space, Monkey bars can perfectly complement the workout grounds.

Workout equipment is securely attached to the walls and ceiling, ensuring the safety of the athlete.