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New KENGURU PRO workout grounds in Riga

Kenguru Pro street workout grounds in Riga

New workout grounds were built in Riga – the largest city of the Baltic States. The site is located in a large park and is tightly surrounded by greenery consisting of various types of trees. A children’s playground is located right next to the KENGURU PRO workout grounds, a solution which allows parents to take children with them, when going to a training session. But the child can also freely train on the KENGURU PRO workout grounds, perform pull-ups and push-ups on the triple cascade of horizontal bars, train abdominal muscles on the Swedish wall or a special bench, perform stretching exercises and much more.

The grounds are equipped with functional and safe equipment, allowing everyone to find a piece of equipment to his/her liking. The KENGURU PRO workout grounds are designed so that people with disabilities can also train. Curved horizontal bars and unevenly bent bars provide unimpeded access to wheelchairs.

The KENGURU PRO workout grounds create training possibilities for any person, regardless of age, sex, and physical abilities.