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Kenguru Pro street workout grounds in Moscow

In Moscow, a new recreation area has appeared on the river bank between Strogino and Shchukino District. KENGURU PRO workout grounds adorn the new park.

The workout equipment on the grounds is adapted not only for people of any age, but also for wheelchair users. Horizontally and vertically bent parallel bars allow easy access to the wheelchair. Also, boxing enthusiasts will be able to practice their skills on the KENGURU PRO punching bag.

Under the framework of the party project #ДетскийСпорт #ЕРМосква, #командазвездныйдесант will be organizing family #зожФестивали on such KENGURU PRO workout grounds in every district of Moscow!

Zlata Chepurnaya is the founder and captain of the team “Звездный Десант”, the leader of the federal direction #зожСДР and the author of the project #Спортивнаястрана #командаЗвездныйДесант. With the support of people like Zlata, the number of people interested in sports and a healthy lifestyle is growing in Russia!