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Mobile KENGURU PRO workout grounds in Miami

Portable street workout grounds in Miami, USA

The functional complex consists of the following: a Swedish wall, a horizontal bar for pull-ups, straight parallel bars, and a place for gymnastic rings.

The portable workout grounds are convenient due to their mobility and functionality: they are easy to assemble and disassemble. Such workout grounds can be moved to a room, a beach or lawn. The mobile workout grounds will be stable and safe on any surface. During transportation, the equipment does not take up much space.

Small, but multifunctional and portable workout grounds. On this equipment, you can perform your favorite exercises, for example: regular pull-ups, chin-ups, one arm pull-ups, train abdominals in one corner, pump the triceps on the parallel bars, stretch on the Swedish wall, and so on. To increase the load, you can use rubber resistance bands.

Physical culture should be a part of every person’s life. Regular hanging on the bars not only distributes the load on intervertebral discs evenly and quickly, but also regulates blood circulation in the body, stretches the muscles after physical training and has a beneficial effect on the back as a whole. So improve your health, meet friends, and train on the KENGURU PRO workout grounds!