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KenguruPro Ventspils

Kenguru Pro outdoor calisthenics park in Ventspils (biggest in Baltics)

Kenguru.Pro has built the biggest outdoor calisthenics equipment in Baltic.

This spring, Kenguru.Pro has built the biggest outdoor equipment in Baltic in Latvia, city Ventspils. Ventspils government decided to build it near Olympic Center, where people train for Olympic games or just do sports. There are a lot of disciplines, such as football, basketball, sprint, ice hokey and now aslo is street workout.

Opening of new Kenguru.Pro was on 23 of May, where came a lot Ventspils citizens and also Olympic Games Comitte Latvia and the major of Ventspils – Aivars Lembergs. The first of all, there were a show from Lithuanian street workout team, who had won Talent Show this winter, they had shown beautiful, exciting and just clean show and people just was shocked, because they hadn’t seen this before. After that there was a battle between Latvian Professional sport-gymnast and two street workouters. It was really interesting battle, where two workouter won prize from the major of Ventspils Aivars Lembergs. And the final performance was from Latvian Champion, who had shown master class on every outdoor workout equipment. As we said, it is the biggest outdoor equipment in Baltic and people asked, why so many bars and latvian athlete had shown different exercises on every equipment. After that major of Ventspils, tell the speech about this park and it was officially
opened. After opening was competition for athletes, in power and strength category and Freestyle.

Outdoor equipment manufacturer is yellow color with blue clamps and the surface is orange with yellow lines. Why is this kind of colors? This are national Ventspils sports colors.
Their sport clothes is also yellow with blue. Ventspils is sea city, it means, that weather is sometimes wet, sometimes dry and has used special zinc coating, which makes outdoor calisthenics equipment stainless. There are different bars, and some of them are for kids. Kids also can do street workout make different exercises, such as swings, pull-ups, push-ups. The ground is soft and easy washable!

The Ventspils government taken care of bleachers and spotlights, which give that light, that at night you see the outdoor calisthenics equipment as in a day.