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KenguruPro street workout station

KenguruPro street workout station of healt, Tver region, Russia

Openining “station of health”

One June 2 in Tver region, on a new site highway M-11 “Moscow – St. Petersburg”, was the grand opening of the first street workout equipment manufacturer for drivers and passengers, the second name of this park is “station of health” These unique platform designed and built by

The first sports complexes installed in rest areas for drivers who are in both directions on the 262-kilometer highway M11 bypassing the Most High Volochek. “Health stations” equipped with horizontal bars and bars, as well as benches for the press. They are intended to ensure that drivers can warm up in a way to lose the accumulated stress on the road and get rid of sleepiness. Thus, the new format of rest areas should make high-speed highway safer and more comfortable. It is very rexable place for those who travel a lot from one city to other city. This equipments are very good for your health, because you can relax your body by simple swing on bar it will be good for you muscles and your spine! If the road was too long and you want to sleep, just have a little training, it will give positive energy and give you energy till your final stop.

At the opening of the pilot “plant health” was attended by Deputy Chairman of the State Duma, head of the faction “United Russia” Vladimir Vasiliev, chairman of the Duma Committee on Transport Eugene Moskvichev, chairman of the State Company “Avtodor” Sergei Kelbakh, a member of the Public Council of the “Young Guard” Benjamin Rodnyanskii , Tver City Duma deputy Ilya Kholodov, expert auto Igor Morzharetto, CEO, president of the Moscow street workout federation Maxim A. Popov, head of the interregional trade union “trucker” Valery Voitko, members of the Russian motorcycle club “Night Wolves”.

The event was also attended by representatives of the movement Street Workout, which demonstrated pull the different exercises on the horizontal bar and parallel bars.
Kenguru.Pro street workout equipment manufacturer is for everybody, its develop all the muscles groups.