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KenguruPro street workout park

Kenguru Pro street workout park

You live very far from city, from sports stadiums, parks and you have wish to workout and don’t think about far road and payment and you dream about training in your private house?

Kenguru.Pro offers street workout park at your garden.

You don’t need to go to the city to the gym, to pay for it a lot of money. Do your workout outside at home’s street workout park. It is very comfortable to workout at home without expenses. Your training can be at anytime. For example, in the morning before you are going to the work or after work day to relax your body. By the way, if you have children, they also can use it like a playground, where they can just swing and do basics exercises for their body. Your children will be strong and healthy, they can will spend their freetime on the equipment, but not playing computer games or just wasting their time.

Kenguru.Pro offers you all the types of street workout equipment. If you have garden you can choose anything from our catalog. You can choose single pull-up bar, parallel-bars or choose a set, where will be different bars (monkey bars, bars, push-up bars and etc.). Also you we can offer you to select any design, which will stand to your landscape, but it is optional.

High-quality bars allow you to make your workout at any season, because we use special coating, which will save your equipment beautiful, modern, durable, safe for a long time. Also it is safe to have your workout using this bars, because they have special technology, which can stand enormous weights. You also can offer special ground coating, which you can offer to our designers. They will help you to find right one color, which will suit to your house and place.

Kenguru.Pro is for every type of equipment.