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KenguruPro open air calisthenics gym

Kenguru Pro open air calisthenics gym

Kenguru.Pro is for all year seasons, come to Kenguru.Pro park at any time and your training is for free. Kenguru.Pro material is very durable and for any weather. Bars have special zinc coating, which makes bars more durable than simple metal. Also this coating is very comfortable for training, because your grip is stable.

A lot f people use Kenguru.Pro. In summer it is the best place, where you can have your workout. Because training in fresh air helps to feel you very well, because muscles need oxygen for good work. It is pleasure have a training in open air, where you can do simple pull-ups in different bars, make simple push ups using comfortable bar or dip-bars and etc. Open air parks is good for families, because while children play on the ground, parents can do their workout or just easy fitness. As we said, Kenguru.Pro is for every country and for every season, training in winter in our constructions is also very comfortable! Just use your gloves and make your training. Zinc coating also works in the winter and when you wear your gloves you will not slip from the bar.

In June 20, 2015 at 14.00, we will have opening the biggest air calisthenics gym in the Luzhniki Stadium Kenguru.Pro! This is interesting, because at the new park will be battle competition with strongest street workout teams! Athletes show that street workout – it’s not just fashion! Also at event will be famous athletes and show-business stars!

Our famous hip hop artist Timati Black Star also do street workout on our equipment and he come to our open air park and do his workout. When he works out a lot of people follow him and train with him. He does street workout at any free time at any season.

We have a lot of Kenguru.Parks here in Russia and people come to training after, school, university or work, because it is on every corner and people don’t go to gym they go to train on our parks and do their workout, they are getting positive energy from trainings on open air. Just come and have your training for free. We are Kenguru. Pro and we rule the world.