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KenguruPro calisthenics park

Kenguru Pro calisthenics park

For some years we have been changing our style, fashion and colors, but we have not ever changed our originality!

Why Kenguru.Pro is so original? Every detail of park has been brain-stormed, we mean: disign, durability, material, aggressivity, comfort, charisma and functionality.

We have so many constructions which develop all muscle groups. Kenguru.Park is suitable for every discipline, for example, freestyle.

Freestyle – is a discipline, where athlete(freestyler) shows all the moves, elements, exercises what he can do and at the same time, he works with public(visitors) and show his perfomrance with music on background. Freestyle consists dynamics moves, strenght moves and statics(hold and balance). All this tips of moves you should combain in your performance. Kenguru.Pro
multifunctionality is great thing for athlet’s performance. He can use any construction and show what he wants. Disposition of bars also plays significant role of performance, because athlet can go through every construction and show really interesting, incredible and dificult tricks. Also, multifunctionality is not only for freestylers, but also for every person who comes to training.
You can develop your muscle groups on different bars, which will develop your muscles thoroughly. For example you can do pull-ups with different grips on different bars and it can develop your back and arms mucles very well.

Kenguru.Prois for every age, every sex, every sports, no matter what aims you have. It can be just fitness, workout or competition training. Our park has rubber surface, it is for your safety and comfort. On that surface you can do exercies for your legs, push-ups, abs handstands and other exercieses. By the way, surface is also part of our originality, these lines and polylines ,which connect all the bars together and shows road to each calisthenics facilities.

Kenguru.Pro will make you to professional athlete in every sports what you do. It is the modest street workout park in the world and very are generating new ideas every day.