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Kenguru Street workout gym

Kenguru Pro street workout gyms

Since 2012 KENGURU PRO is the world’s leading outdoor / street workout gym. KENGURU PRO workout sports grounds are designed in respect of global experience and suggestions of professional athletes. Our quality, usability and design is best in market and that is confirmed by customers. More than 300 fully equipped KENGURU PRO parks have been build all over the world. KENGURU PRO also deals with outdoor sports and healthy lifestyle promotion worldwide, by supporting spots events like Street Workout World Cup and World Championship and global social projects like World Pull-Up Day.

Kenguru.Pro takes part in the biggest street workout Project. Kenguru.Pro is the general partner of Sreet Workout Power and Strength World Championship 2015, which will be hold on Curracao island this in November. There will be street workout park, where participants will fight for title of world champion in power and strength, doing different exercises on Kenguru.Pro equipment.

Kenguru.Pro also takes part in Street Workout Freestyle World Championship 2015, on a big scene, participants from around the world will show exciting, explosive and effective performance during the competition and they will fight for a title of world champion in Freestyle. They will use all the construction to impress public, judges and other participants.

Kenguru.Pro aslo takes part in new and global project World Pull Up Day. It is a day, when i the same day the whole world do simple pull ups in a street workout park. Just imagine, how many people use Kenguru.Pro bars for doing simple pull-ups in a city, in a country, in a whole world.

Kenguru.Pro has street workout gym in a one of the biggest Gymnastics Centers in Moscow.
There mostly people train, when is too cold in Russia, -25…-30oC. There are many equipments, where a lot people can do their training in the same time. It is really good, because this equipment also contains gymnastics rings and ropes.

Kenguru.Pro is for every competition, project, training, weather, people. Kenguru.Pro rules the whole world.