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Kenguru Pro Street Workout World Cup stage in Dubai

Kenguru Pro Street Workout World Cup stage in Dubai 2016

On October 21 and 22 2016, Dubai, UAE, hosted a Kenguru Pro World Cup Stage, which brought together 25 of the top level street workout freestyle athletes from 13 countries. A fierce battle took place in order to gain the rights to participate in the Stage, because the competition in Dubai is renown for its high level. The competition were held within the Dubai Muscle Show and brought together several thousand spectators throughout the day. It took place on street workout equipment on a podium made specifically for this event by the main Kenguru Pro distributor in the Middle East company Ithara Group. The competition reached its peak in the final round, where with a thin 0.5 point lead Remy Gresteu from France celebrated a victory over Miguel Molyorga from Chile, the winner of the last year`s Street Workout World Cup Stage in Dubai.