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KENGURU PRO on the territory of the “ZILART”

Kenguru Pro street workout ground at Zilart, Moscow

Company KENGURU PRO executed a new special order for “ZILART” @zilart_moscow. It’s a residential complex, which is currently under construction in Moscow, in the territory of the dismantled Likhachov Plant (ZiL). The residential complex is located only 5 km from the center of Moscow and the Kremlin, near the Moscow River. The new KENGURU PRO workout grounds have been built in part of the embankment and the vast city park space allocated specifically for sports and recreation.

The workout grounds complement this sports area also with its stylish red and black design. The functional workout complex includes three Swedish walls, a Snake bar, 12 horizontal bars for pull-ups, a classical Monkey bar, and two abs benches with a different sloping angle.

The compact and safe KENGURU PRO workout platform will help any person achieve high training results; most important is regularity! Now residents and guests of the residential complex “ZILART” can use this opportunity.

KENGURU PRO company strives to ensure that every yard has such a socially significant workout venue for people and that sport is accessible to everyone. With the help of such residential complexes as “ZILART”, KENGURU PRO is getting closer to the goal!