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Quality certificate “Made in Russia”

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Quality certificate “Made in Russia”

On December 15, 2017, the company LTD “KENGURU.PRO” successfully passed an independent compliance evaluation on products intended for export among Russian manufacturers. As a result, LTD “KENGURU.PRO” was included in the “Register of Fair Exporters” and received the mark of “Russian Exporter”, which confirms compliance of products with the quality and safety standards.

The KENGURU PRO workout grounds were tested by severe cold, hot summers, hurricanes and rainstorms. Also, at the Street workout and Calisthenics Championships, the KENGURU PRO equipemtn was seriously tested for strength. As athletes perform the most difficult stunts, they trust the quality and reliability of the KENGURU PRO equipment.

Now the workout grounds of LTD “KENGURU.PRO” are marked “Made in Russia”, increasing exposure not only in Russia, but also in foreign markets.

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