Street workout equipment production and Calisthenics park building

Quality outdoor workout equipment production for public sport grounds, calisthenics parks and indoor workout gyms in Europe and worldwide.
Full range of services – planning, design, manufacturing, installation, warranty.
Over 6400 street workout parks built worldwide in different climatic zones.
Official equipment provider for an World Street Workout Championship
Recommended by WSWCF and professional athletes.
TÜV quality certificate, patented design, secure equipment joints – clamps.

Bodyweight exercise equipment for everybody

Kenguru Professional produces street outdoor, indoor and para (equipment for disabled people) workout equipment in European Union from 2011. This equipment is also commonly known as street workout / calisthenics equipment. Our company is focusing on quality and customer satisfaction. Kenguru Pro equipment is for everybody.

Outdoor workout parks – planning, design, production, installation

Building street workout park in public space is a great investment in the health of citizens. Street Workout park can be built in parks, housing areas, schools, universities, and any other public area. Outdoor workout park in private house backyard is also a great investment in health of your family.

calisthenics equipment
street workout

Indoor calisthenics equipment

Kenguru Pro indoor calisthenics / street workout equipment is perfect for gyms and training halls. Bodyweight exercise equipment is a new trend in sport and we are world’s leading bodyweight exercise equipment manufacturer for gyms.

Kenguru Para Workout is a new outdoor workout equipment line for people with disabilities. Para workout equipment is designed with leading experts of para sport and all designs are patented.

Quality benchmark for outdoor training equipment

Manufacturing outdoor workout equipment, company Kenguru Pro is using only high quality materials and the most modern technologies. All designs of equipment are created together with leading experts of street workout / calisthenics and para workout field. All street workout park equipment is tested, safe, certified and designs are patented.

If you are looking for the best quality outdoor, indoor or para-workout equipment manufacturer than no doubt it’s Kenguru Pro

calisthenic equipment
calisthenics equipment
workout equipment
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calisthenics equipment
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