Triple level monkey bars

The complex consists of eight backup columns at the height of: 2600 mm -4 pieces, 2000 mm- 4 pieces. The complex includes two inclined monkey bar sections and one classical monkey bar section. Inclined monkey bar height difference 996mm, lenght 1790mm, width 1308mm, distance betveen bars 400mm, height 1500mm at one end and 2466mm at another end. Classical monkey bar lenght 1900mm, width 1200mm, height 2300mm . All sections are fixed to backup columns by means of collars. Weight – 349.40 kg.

  • Vendor code: P-022
  • Materials:
  • Vertical poles: Anodized Aluminum
  • Horizontal elements: Stainless steel
  • Brackets: Anodized Aluminum mixture with Silumin
  • Dimensions: 1416 X 5770 mm

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