K-038. Yessey


The complex consists of seven vertical columns with different height, two crossbars 1200 mm in length, Swedish wall, climbing wall and parallel bars. The length of monkey bar is 1900 mm. Height of the Swedish wall – 2073 mm, width -1200 mm. The distance between the crossbars of the Swedish wall – 407 mm. Height of the climbing wall – 2073 mm, width – 1200 mm. The length of the parallel bars is 1758mm, distance between the bars is 600 mm. Construction is secured together with siluminium clamps. Weight 291,7 kg


  • Vendor code: K-038
  • Color: RAL 7016
  • Dimensions: 6932 x 5716 mm
  • Height: 2650 mm
  • Weight: 291,7 kg