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DECATHLON and KENGURU PRO actively promote sport to the general public!

Kenguru Pro street workout park in Avignon, France - Decathlon stores

Brand new Kenguru Pro 300 sq. metre workout grounds were opened next to a Decatlon store in Avignon, France.

Thus, the store marked the launch of a new line of equipment for functional training.

The grounds are intended not only for performing street workout, but also crossfit and slackline.

On-site workout equipment is diverse: a classic two-level pull-up bar, snake-bar, Swedish wall, curved double parallel bars, an inclined bench for the press, a triple cascade for push-ups and pull-ups. Also, the workout grounds include Kenguru Pro para-workout equipment designed specifically for people with disabilities.

Everyone can come to practice for free and, if necessary, purchase sports accessories in the store.

This is the 4th Kenguru Pro workout grounds made for Decathlon in France.