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Best Street Workout athletes testing Kenguru Pro street workout equipment

Best street workout athletes testing Kenguru Pro street workout equipment, Moscow 2014

During the Street Workout World Championship 2014 that was organized in Moscow, Russia, best street workout athletes of the world were testing Kenguru Pro street workout park equipment. In some parts of the world street workout sports is more known as calisthenics. Especially in USA. Calisthenics park equipment is not very popular around the world, so many of the best athletes are training on children playgrounds or any other constructions, instead of using proper outdoor calisthenics equipment. This is the reason why many of the best athletes called a simple Kenguru Pro calisthenics park as a „ heaven”. Street Workout park that was tested by athletes is located in Luzhniki Olympic complex and was also used as a warm up section before performance on the stage. This time during the competition, athletes were performing on portable street workout equipment by Kenguru Pro partner company Barztec that are specializing on indoor street workout and calisthenics equipment and is the biggest manufacturer of indoor body weight training equipment around the world.