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KENGURU PRO company produces and installs modern sports complexes for street workout, calisthenics and parkour. Outdoor sports grounds for workout are designed to meet international practices and recommendations of professional athletes. Quality, usability and design is our main focus. Also, KENGURU PRO company popularizes street sports and promotes healthy lifestyle, forms attraction among young people towards street sports. Company’s authorized dealers are present in UK, Finland, Greece, Israel, Spain, France, Switzerland, Germany, Norway, Portugal, Denmark, Belgium, Kazakhstan, Baltic states, United Arab Emirates and expanding. View representatives list

6400 Projects Worldwide

Kenguru Pro is a world leader in street workout and calisthenics equipment production. Since the founding of the company 11 years ago, we have implemented more than 6400 projects around the world, in different climatic zones.

Thoroughly tested

Our street workout equipment has been tested in the Arctic Circle, high in the mountains, in the Far East of Russia, in Siberia, in the Caribbean region (Guadeloupe), in the Persian Gulf region, in the hot coasts of Spain and in the sea fog of France. Moreover, our street workout and calisthenics equipment has passed a test of strength by the hundreds of thousands of athletes, who in some of the workout grounds are training almost around the clock.

We produce equipment that can resist all weather conditions

To ensure that the equipment does not rust, does not break down and always looks like new, we use modern production technology. We produce the equipment in three stages:
  • We prepare it for painting and protection.Treat the pipe with a fine metal shot under high pressure: remove dirt and irregularities.This will ensure that the paint and other materials will hold firmly on it.
  • Protect against rust. In a special chamber we apply a primer containing zinc to the pipe. This prevents the equipment from rusting even in humid climates.
  • We apply resistant paint. We use powder paint, which is baked in a special oven after application. This prevents the coating from peeling due to temperature fluctuations.
Pipes after metal shot blasting
Parts after coating with zinc-based primer
Pipes after paint application

For some sites we use the hot-dip galvanizing method. We dip the poles in a bath of zinc heated to 450 °C. This way they are covered with a thin film of zinc and will not rust, even if they are on the seashore. During production, we think about even the smallest details. For example, our aluminium clamps that hold the pipes together have plastic inserts inside. This is to avoid scratching the pipes during installation.

Thanks to modern technology, our equipment will not rust, even if it will stand on the beach, and the paint will not peel, even if the equipment will be used around the clock. That is why our equipment do not break for many years, and the warranty on them – up to 25 years.

Look at the harsh climate conditions at some of the KENGURU PRO equipment locations:

In Australia, we installed a site treated with hot zinc. The equipment is constantly being sprayed by the sea. The park is over 2 years old, but there is not a trace of rust.

The temperature in the Arab Emirates is very high, and paint can start to crack in such conditions.Our equipment has been installed there since 2016, and they are not affected even by this harsh climate.

We have built many playgrounds on Arctic circle. Arctic frosts did not affect
on the quality of the paint.

We produce all equipment ourselves, without intermediaries, so we can control the entire process. You will get the goods without defects and delivery delays.

We make sure that the equipment complies with European safety standards

All our equipment is TUV certified. TUV experts strictly ensure that the equipment is safe. For example, if the distance between the bars is just a centimeter more than the safety standards – the certificate will not be issued.

We create a modern design that looks good indoors and outdoors

Because of the modern look and design, KENGURU PRO equipment transform any location to a much nicer place to be. You can choose the color of posts and clamps to make the equipment stand out from the rest of the infrastructure.

In the ZINC line, the galvanized posts go perfectly with the black crossbars

The clamps are usually painted turquoise. You can choose to paint them red, yellow, or blue.

The equipment without bright accents looks good in gyms. It lookd strict and stylish.

Tennis tables are designed to used outdoors. They have an unusual appearance, and they are durable against any weather conditions.

Lanterns and swings transform the look of a private yard and make it cozier. Made of sturdy I-beam and
heat-resistant wood.

We help you choose the necessary equipment, produce it ourselves, deliver and install the site with the help of our distributors. As a result, you get a perfect sports complex without any extra headaches.

Equipment for any specific need

In 2016, we expanded the range of sports equipment: street workout grounds for the disabled, street workout equipment for gyms, horizontal bars for home and office.

Proven quality and recommendations from recognized authorities

KENGURU PRO is official equipment provider for the Street Workout World Championship ans Street Workout World Cup stages organized by World Street Workout and Calisthenics Federation All our sports equipment has received European TÜV quality certification and is recommended by the World Street Workout and Calisthenics Federation.

How to order workout equipment or build calisthenics park

  1. We provide you with comprehensive information (via phone or email) on the cost of our products, their characteristics and possible solutions of the task.
  2. We help you to create unique grounds and we only need you to determine the size and functionality.
  3. We prepare for you a complete technical description of the equipment for the grounds.
  4. If you agree, we send you an invoice and sign the Contract.
  5. Shipment of the equipment, after receipt of funds on our account, will be carried out within agreed delivery time depending of final destination.
  6. You now have new workout grounds.

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