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1200 m2 KENGURU.PRO park built in Rostov on Don, Russia

Joint-clamp of the Kenguru Pro workout equipment

One of the largest street workout parks was built in Rostov-on-Don, Russia. It’s a 1200 square meter park with all the latest outdoor workout equipment elements from KENGURU.PRO and an additionally built special area with KENGURU.PRO Para elements. KENGURU.PROPara section was built with latest outdoor workout elements specially built for people with special needs and wheelchairs. Para workout is new quality of life available for everyone. Also worth to mention is that all 1200 square meters of the park are built with a new rubber surface technology that is illuminated during the night. KENGURU.PRO is always leading with the latest technology. Our huge team of designers and engineers never stop working on improvements and perfection of our outdoor, street workout and calisthenics equipment improvement.